Afif Merhej (Tarab & Oud)

Afif Merhej


Afif Merhej, born 1979, is a Lebanese Oud player. He graduated from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music.

Afif is considered one of the most skilled young Oud players mastering the traditional oriental Taqasim. He has a strong dedication to the Oud musical instrument and considers it as an authentic oriental instrument with an identity and a legacy. Afif is interested in developping techniques of playing his oud in a contemporary way.

Afif has been invited as a guest profeesional musician in television talk shows on many local and satellite Arab Stations. He has also participated in several musical programs, as part of the band, in his capacity as a distiguished oud player such as Superstar & The Voice.

He has played with many prominent Lebanese artists such as Jahida Wehbeh, Rima Khcheich and Ghada Shbeir.

Participated in many cultural festivals in Arab countries to mention Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Tunis, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait & Bahrain as well as in European countries such as France, Holland, Spain and Serbia extending all the way to China.

Afif has a very warm and soothing voice that blends prefectly with his oud.

To get a taste of Afif you can visit the links below, but nothing will be as good as seeing him live:


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